Duette Cellular Shades

Duette® Shades feature a unique honeycomb construction that makes these shades soft, durable, and highly energy efficient. The shades built-in insulating characteristics help keep the heat out in summer and the warmth in during winter. Highly versatile, Duette® Shades are available in hundreds of colours and a wide variety of semi-opaque, and opaque fabrics. The perfect solution for windows of almost any size or shape.

Key attributes of the Duette Shades are:

  • energy saving properties
  • suitable for conservatories
  • room darkening

Silhouette Shades

The ingenious construction of soft rotating fabric vanes suspended between two sheer fabric layers allows a gentle translucency into your home. Create an endless variety of moods by inclining the vanes so that you can let more or less light pass through to your room.

Properties for Silhouette Shades include:

  • multiple vane widths
  • silver metal design fabric
  • room darkening

    Twist Roller Blinds

    Amazing addition to existing window coverings. Two sliding layers of fabric with sheer horizontal strips. This is the hallmark of Luxaflex® Twist® Roller Blinds, a contemporary addition to existing styles of window coverings. It’s an amazingly simple and effective method for choosing just the right amount of incoming light and privacy.

    Twist Roller Blinds are:

    • Suitable for large windows
    • Available in a range of exclusive fabrics
    • Fine finish with design options

    Roller Blinds

    We offer the widest variety of versatile roller blinds and beautiful solutions, with the perfect solution for every window and interior design. Stylish and functional, our new collection of roller blinds consists of vivid colours, stunning design styles ranging from modern to classic to elegant and a unique range of finishing options and operating systems. Whether you are looking for room darkening, translucency or sheer fabrics, Luxaflex® Roller Blinds are fully customised to your exact specifications and covered by a 5 year guarantee.

    Luxaflex Roller Blinds come with:

    • beautiful fabrics
    • exclusive finishing options
    • revolutionary operation systems

    Wood Blinds

    Luxaflex® has long been affiliated with the Forest Stewardship Council® (FSC®) for certified products like Wood Blinds and now for the Rainforest Alliance. The collection consists mostly of wood with the FSC® label. We also offer bamboo in the most ecologically sound wood from special plantations. Lets show our commitment to a sustainable world.

    Special properties of Luxaflex Wood blinds include:

    • FSC wood
    • special wood types
    • personalize with colours, materials and options

    Venetian Blinds

    Introduced to the world by Luxaflex® in the 1950s, Venetian Blinds offer you precise control of light intensity and direction with the quick twist of a wand. An ever expanding range of colours, finishes, and slat widths to choose from, you can transform any room into a style that is completely your own.

    Look forward to the following from Luxaflex Venetian Blinds:

    • innovations
    • decorative options
    • exclusive finishes and colours